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sturdy and adaptable, like a comfy blanky! December 28, 2013
Reviewer: Rachel Herold from Austin, TX United States  
I come from a background of chemistry notebooks so I find the maker notebook very comfortable and reassuring.
I love the lab note aspects.
My notebook has already survived water damage from a lab puppy knocking over a glass of water onto the book while it was on the kitchen table and the pages have held up amazingly well and are still usable.
All of the electronics reference pages are turning out to be very useful for me as I enter a new field of learning.

I do wish that there was another 2 pages for listing contents in the front. Add more contents pages for a 5 star review.

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Love it August 9, 2012
Reviewer: Sofia Lenard from Parma, OH United States  
I just got mine in two days ago & I've already put 5 projects into it, I'm so pleased w/ this product.

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Needs an update..... September 2, 2011
Reviewer: ALISSA CLOUGH from NEW HAVEN, CT United States  
and more reference stuff. Can't say enough about it. I'd also like to buy replacement stickers/band.

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Nice interior -- mediocre binding August 25, 2011
Reviewer: Mark Lindsey from Raleigh, NC United States  
The paper quality and grid layout is quite nice.

But the outer binding is not so hot. In particular, I've only been carrying one from 2011 January 14 until 2011 August 17, and the edge on the binding has already torn.

I'm repairing it with Scotch Book-Binding tape.

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Maker's Notebook July 1, 2011
Reviewer: Maryellen Burdwood-Porter from Elgin, TX United States  
I have completely filled my notebook. I build medieval crossbows, and I find this book to be absolutely indispensable. I've been keeping my notes and drawings in it, 4 years worth at this point, don't know what I would do if I lost it!
Love the info inside, and how you can number the pages to find what you need, my only suggestion is that there should be another page at the front for that, I have run out of room...
Here are a few photos from my Flickr, I like to document my bow building and that often includes the notes in my book!

Thanks for the perfect workbook!  I surely need another one very soon...



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Left Handed PLEASE? April 29, 2010
Reviewer: kristofer Younger from Hockessin, DE United States  
So take a poll. See if your customer base has more left-handers in it than the population at large. If it does, please make a left-handed version of the notebook. (and if you do, I get a lifetime supply of the left-handed ones.) as it is, I can't use this one upside-down-and-backwards (like I do Moleskins). Pretty please with left-handed sugar on top (less calories, you know).

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Awsome Notebook...With one minor flaw... December 2, 2009
Reviewer: James Barker from Cedar Ridge, CA United States  
Turn with me to page 161 in your new or old Maker Notebook.

In the CONTINUITY TEST box on PG. 161.

1. The picture of the meter showing SHORTED is actually OPEN.

2. The meter reading is also incorrect for that situation.

If you look at the circuit the meter is connected to, you'll note the GAP. That is  OPEN

I corrected my book by drawing a line thru the word SHORTED and I penned very neatly OPEN above that.

The meter in the picture is displaying OL or Over Limit, Out of Limit which means Out of Range.

This measurement usually happens in the Ohms/Voltage modes when you measure a resistance or voltage that can not be measured within the current range setting on your meter.

When my meter is not connected (OPEN) it shows "1." on the left side of the display.

The meter reading is correct in the CONTINUITY diagram.

SHORTED or CONTINUITY are similar.
The difference between the two:
SHORTED=Magic smoke is usually released CONTINUITY=Circuit path is correct

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Almost everything is right... November 26, 2009
Reviewer: John Laudun from Lafayette, LA United States  
... but there are a few things wrong, and they are wrong for reasons that the makers of Make should have known.

First, and foremost, there is just too much branding on the cover and spine. While the instructions gleefully suggest that one should, quote, make the notebook one's own, unquote, by slathering it with stickers and whatnot, that's undoing what should be left to maker's to, well, do.

Improve this notebook by

1. Making most of the spine a nice write-able white space, with only a small space for the Make logo ... right now, it's all Make and Maker's Notebook and very little room to label the notebook.

2. Speaking of labeling, there's no white space provided on the cover for labeling. Why not ... insert question mark, and dash, here because this form is broken and considers them invalid characters.

Something more a matter of preference are the color choices. Bright blue and fire engine red. Really. Why not classic black as an option.

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Almost Perfect June 4, 2009
Reviewer: Mark Andrews from Cullman, AL United States  
Great Book! The only think I would change for the next edition is the inclusion of a few pages at the end of the reference section so we can add our own reference materials/notes.

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