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Not Worth the Price. April 17, 2014
Reviewer: Stephen Meroney from Carson City, NV United States  
I bought this kit at RadioShack 4 days ago.  The first 2 days I had every project you could imagine doing with just the included parts finished.  Now I'm struggling to find something to do with it.  I'm going to buy the bigger kit, but in all honesty, I'm hesitant.  The Arduino is an incredible thing, but this kit is definitely not worth $65.  I would have bought parts like other resistors, capacitors,  etc, but because I blew my entire wad of cash on this kit, I'm broke.  

I am in no way, shape, or form trying to bash or discredit MakerShed, but I feel like this kit could definitely have been better.  It's great for kids, but kids aren't the only audience Arduino has!!

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Getting Started With Arduino March 14, 2014
Reviewer: JOHN HAMMONS from YORKTOWN, VA United States  
I disagree with Garrett from Ashburn. The kit does not have have all the components necessary to perform all the experiments from the book. Where did he get his MOSFET or diodes from for the motor experiment in the book? I had to place an extra order to get mine. Do yourself a favor and pay the extra $20 and buy the Adafruit Industries ARDX Kit. ALL the components are in their kit and they include an excellent manual of instructions with theirs. So you do not have to buy the Arduino book (extra $15) this kit recommends. You'll end up spending only $5 more but you WILL have all the components you need to do many more experiments. So I think it was well worth it for me to spend the extra $5. The website encourages the "Getting Started With Arduino" book to be bought along with the kit but the kit only has the components to light a bunch of LEDs & use a pushbutton.

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Great Buy July 28, 2013
Reviewer: Evan from United States  
I was getting this for my birthday because I was going to enter robotics club and didn't want to got in blind. I highly recommend the book that they mention because you can complete all the circuits with this little kit.
WARNING: I struggled to find out how to connect the battery pack but you don't have to. The silver plug unscrews at the base of the metal where it touches the plastic covering. I hope you didn't find that out the hard way. By staring at it and thinking of the guys who make it and thinking "there has to be a way to open this thing!"

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Tons of fun November 27, 2012
Reviewer: Garrett from Ashburn, VA United States  
The book is basic and informative, and all the parts to do the experiments in the book are included.  I'm a very experienced programmer, and did a course in digital electronics, but am just learning analog electronics now.  Ran through the examples in the book, and immediately began expanding on them; all the info was in the book, and plenty of documentation and tutorials on the Web.  Continuing my education with O'Reilly's Arduino Cookbook and Make: Electronics books and mail-ordering components.  I think this is a great tool for teaching my ten-year-old about electricity, electronics, and programming.

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Good kit. September 7, 2012
Reviewer: Jamie Krasnoo from Reseda, CA United States  
I was excited when I received the kit. Despite the complaints I have read about the kit being short on parts I could do most of the examples. One little nitpick I do have is that the book should have come with the kit. I shouldn't have to add it for an extra fee. Would it have really killed your profit to throw it in? Resistors in bulk cost pennies if at all. The basic LEDs also cost less than a $1. I could have bought the kit from but I would have paid an arm and a leg for the shipping.

All in all I am happy to support Make but would like to know why they didn't include a tilt sensor with the kit.

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Resistor labelling a bit unclear January 11, 2012
Reviewer: Sue Welsh from Morrisburg, ON Canada  
The kit is a lot of fun! Good instructions.

Minor quibble: For the 270 ohm resistors in this kit, the ring colored purple/violet is indistinguishable from the brown ring. (I used a multimeter). For a novice, the color code isn't explained very well (a diagram with the example in the appendix of Getting Started with Arduino would be useful.
It would be nice to have a note in the book to explain the purpose of the use of resistors in  these circuits.

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Soldering the DC Plug December 15, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Culver City, CA United States  
According to Wikipedia the outside of the barrel is usually negative but not always. Is this the correct configuration for the Arduino Kit and does it really matter?

Never mind:

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Second Project Description Incomplete November 13, 2011
Reviewer: Burr Sutter from Raleigh, NC United States  
I have only cracked open the box and tried the first two projects today.  There are some gotchas that could throw off the newbie:
1) blink seemed to already be programmed into the Uno - as soon as it powered up the on-board LED started blinking, putting an LED in 13 and it is blinking.  

2) In the Pushbutton to Control LED project on page 40, it only provides a diagram for the use of the breadboard, it does not describe how the rows vs columns on the breadboard work.  

And the 2nd video used on the Getting Started with Arduino Kit v3.0 description page uses a different piece of hardware.

Ideally, the book would briefly explain the connections made to the breadboard.  And the 2nd video would use the same hardware as provided in the kit.

An ideal 3rd exercise would be to add multiple LEDs to the breadboard and light them all.  The use of additional LEDs reinforces the learning of connecting the positives, negatives, resistors and programming.

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excellent! August 18, 2011
Reviewer: Eric from Boston MA United States  
Awesome kit, especially for a college student studying electrical engineering. I will use arduino for  future design EE design  projects.  

In little time you'll be able to make your own projects and come up with real world solutions to problems people encounter on a daily basis.

For example i made fun lighting solution using a motion detector that lights up  an LED matrix cube i made last year that loops through RGB while someone is in proximity of the sensor.  Easy to program and all controlled by the arduino.   Arduino is very powerful and makes you realize how useful and important microcontrollers really are.  

I encourage any student or novice of electronics to learn micro-controllers because they are so very important in the filed of working EE and also because you'll learn how to program which is essential in the modern world of electrical/computer engineering.  

Overall, great kit i plan on purchasing the ultimate arduino kit in the near future.

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Great Starter Kit - Great Value June 11, 2011
Reviewer: John Coulter from Gerry, NY United States  
I looked at a lot of "starter kits" before I bought this one and I'm glad I got this one. The kit is everything that is needed to get started with Arduino micro controllers.
Don't let the "soldering required" scare you away for the battery pack. If you keep the USB cable plugged in you never have to use the battery pack.

Some of the other cheaper kits don't come with the starter book which is essential for a beginner.

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