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Pretty good, but needs some refinement January 2, 2014
Reviewer: Gary Clouse from Nashville, TN United States  
I bought ths at a local Radio Shack thinking the additional parts in the box would be worth additional cost.
After I opened it up the first thing I noticed was the short hdmi cable. I have several hdmi cables lying about.
Next the micro usb power cable was defective and would not fit so I used my spare cell charger.
 The instructions said I needed to download NOOBS, so I started the download and assembled the case. I found video for assembling the case and put it together.with ease.

 Using the Linux instructions, I formatted the sd card and unzipped  NOOBS to the card. plugged in the card, network, hdmi, usb keyboard, mouse, and power. Switch the tv to hdmi and had the NOOBS menu.
Selected the recommended Raspian distro and let 'er rip! After  I noticed the blinkenlights had stopped  flickering.I rebooted the raspi and saw the familiar boot messages and was surprised at how quickly it booted.

In summary, it's a god price for what you get, but could bear some improvement

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A few problems January 2, 2014
Reviewer: Philip Martel from Salem, NH United States  
I got the Raspberry Pi Starter Kit for Christmas.  I agree with S.J. Edwards that the HDMI cable is too short.  The case was very hard going together as several people noted.  There was no how-to on the case in the printed manual.

My biggest problem was selecting a distribution off the NOOBS flash card.  I tried a few times with Raspbian and once with RaspBMC.  It would put up pictures indicating things were being configured for a few minutes, then the screen went blank.  When I cycled power there was a splash screen then the screen went blank.  Eventually I found on a Raspberry Pi wiki a note  that the 4 GB SD card (which  I thought I had) was too small.  I got a 8GB card and loaded NOOBS.  This got me into Raspbian with no problems.  I just looked at the SD card that came with the kit on my windows box. It is named RECOVERY and has 1.17 GB total space. Unless there's a chunk that got hidden, I got a too-small card.

Once past these difficulties, it's a lot of fun to play with.

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Not ready for prime time December 22, 2013
Reviewer: S. J. Edwards from Mud Central, New Hampshire USA  
1.  When assembling the case, I manage to break a tab because the SD/power end piece upper pre-cut holes were mis-cut.  I figured I could repair the tab, but on second thought it's not worth it as the case is rather poor when compared to other enclosures I've seen.  So into the trash bin with it.

2.  The included HDMI cable is the shortest I've ever seen, and that's saying something.  If it were twice the length, then it still would be too short for some monitors and configurations.  Fortunately, I had a spare decent size (2 meter) cable.

3.  The SD card was properly formatted as a 4 GB FAT filesystem.  But it was otherwise empty!  So I had to locate the correct zip file online and do the needed dance, an hour down the drain.

I'm rather disappointed.  For the US$130 price, I had expected a decent case, a  long enough HDMI cable, and a properly flashed SD card.  Indeed, these were the main reasons I bought the kit instead of just getting the RaspPi board.

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Mostly good product July 8, 2013
Reviewer: Bill Jones from O'Fallon, IL United States  
I am really enjoying my Raspberry Pi - Here's what's good about the kit:
The included "Getting Started" book is easy to follow, and has just enough content to make a new user comfortable with the capabilities of the device. The included electronic components are nice to have for someone brand new to DIY electronics who wouldn't have known what to buy in addition to the Pi.
Here's what's not so good: The acrylic case didn't *quite* fit together - I had to gently trim one of the tabs on the top plate with a razor blade so I could coax the case together - I could have easily broken it during this unfortunately necessary "modification". Also, the included power supply never worked. I had to replace it with a spare phone charger I had handy; this undermines the value of the kit. Finally, all of the supplied cables are as short as they could possibly be - this requires the new user to place the power supply and monitor almost on top of each other in order to use the Pi as a "workstation".

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Pleased overall November 7, 2012
Reviewer: Russ from Encinitas, CA United States  
Unlike the previous reviewer, I am pretty well pleased with this kit so far.  I got everything I expected, including a 4GB Kingston SD card.

There is no mint tin...  so what?  Go buy some Altoids, dude!  And you have access to the promised chapters of the book, what did you expect?

My disappointment is limited to the acrylic case for the RasPi...  There were no instructions on how to assemble it, and I managed to break it trying to get it to snap together.  I'll have to buy another case for it, I guess.

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Extremely disappointed. November 7, 2012
Reviewer: Michael Klein from Saskatoon, SK Canada  
I'm extremely disappointed.

The picture you use on your website for your promotions it makes reference to including an 'Advance Excerpt from Getting Started with Raspberry Pi included!'. However, the package I received simply contained a download code for chapters of a book that is yet to be published. This is false advertising at worst, and very misleading at best.

Second the photo of the product promotion makes the provided breadboard look much bigger than it is at actual scale. Much to my surprise I was disappointed to see a teensy breadboard, when expecting a reasonable size board. It's even referenced as 'deluxe full sized breadboard' which I am sorry to say it is not.

Third, the offer says the kit comes with a Mintronics survival pack. And, although I received the components I did not receive the mint can packaging.

Finally, I did not receive my Flash card.

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