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To expensive May 5, 2013
Reviewer: Ekki Cau  
I think all this is not worth a $100 bucks, sure it has a nice case and stuff but I think anyone can get all the components for less than $70. Sure there's the convinience of getting all you need for the book exercises but I prefer buying all the components myself

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Radio Shack has the same exact thing, but cheaper March 29, 2013
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Austin, TX United States  
I waited for months for Maker Shed to make this (and the #2 back) available, and I just got tired of waiting.  When I emailed customer support, they said they were having trouble sourcing the parts.

So, I went to Radio Shack and purchased both packs, and even saved some money.  Radio Shack's packs are identical to these -- I verified each component one-by-one.  I don't understand why Make Shed can't keep these kits in stock.

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Essential companion to the book February 20, 2013
Reviewer: Sean Kelleher from Seattle, WA United States  

The power supply got VERY VERY HOT and smelled bad.  I had to throw it away.  Replaced with a Radio Shack variable power supply.

Some of the parts, like toggle switches and potentiometers, are huge.  This is so you can tear them apart and see how they work.  Too big for bread-boarding a circuit but you can mount them in a project box (covered in Chapter 3).

I don't feel like I got much for my money, considering it's a plastic box with a handful of parts (and I was able to complete the Ch. 1 and 2 experiments in one day).

But the time saved in shopping for those parts makes this a no-brainer, and I would buy it again!

Pro Tip: Radio Shack sells basically the same packs, and they're a couple bucks cheaper.  I didn't confirm if the part counts are identical; I know their "Basic Electronics Pack 2" doesn't have a Helping Hands, for example.  But the fine print says it goes with the Make book.

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Good Kit December 27, 2012
Reviewer: Dallas Edwards from Midlothian, VA United States  
I've been really pleased with the kit so far. I haven't had any problems with any of the components except for the AC adapter. It immediately started to smell really bad and got too hot to touch. I've since replaced it with another from Radio Shack and haven't had any problems.

I would definitely recommend the kit to anyone going through the book (though plan to pick up another AC adapter). It's well thought out and a great addition to the book.

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Kit update? October 23, 2012
Reviewer: Halva from Berlin, Berlin Germany  
Hi, after reading the other reviews I would like to know if you have updated the kit?

Response from the Maker Shed:
Hi Halva -- We have updated the kit twice since we first launched it, most recently in October 2012. Thanks for asking!

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Good & Bad February 8, 2012
Reviewer: Owen Marshall from West Chicago, IL United States  
First, the bad: as at least one other user has stated, the momentary (SPST) switch does not fit into the breadboard. The speaker does not come with wires attached. The batteries will not blow the fuse. The alligator clips are difficult to use. A larger variety of capacitors would help with the aftermath of experiment eleven. And the resistors slide around in the case after you have sorted them into their compartments.

On the other hand, considering the price, some variety in quality is to be expected and it encourages the user to test the equipment with a meter before use. The case itself is durable, and I have had no problem with most of the components. It was far more convenient than searching for the correct parts; I most likely would have made more than a few mistakes in my choices. Furthermore, the components (at least the ones that still work) will be useful beyond the first 11 experiments.

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Not great, but buy it anyway January 10, 2012
Reviewer: david from New Mexico  
I'll just add a few things to what has already been said.

In a project you open a relay to see how it works, but it's not the same as the one in the book.

There are some gaps between kit 1a & 2a. A project in the 2nd half suggests a bigger speaker than the one in 1a, but you don't get it in 2a. Some resistors are also called for in the 2nd half of the book that were not in 1a or 2a..

You use a lot of the components from this kit beyond the first 2 sections and you don't get extras of some stuff. I had to buy more of transistors, relays, etc. I wish they'd include a few extra in one of the kits.

Biggest issue was the Universal AC adapter. It got really hot, made a loud pop, and never worked again. The book calls for a 1000mA and the kit comes with a 500mA- not sure if that has anything to do with it. I didn't short circuit it though.

Buy the kit anyway. It would take you hours and hours to price out and/or buy the parts individually. Just plan ahead to order extra parts.

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Some issues with parts... August 21, 2011
Reviewer: Alejandro Diaz from Miami, FL United States  
So at experiment 7 I realized that either I'm shorting something or my DPDT relay is defective. Only one of my LED's was lighting and I could prove the LED worked on its own fine and was wired correctly. After all, before you use the breadboard you have to use the alligator clips which are a P.I.T.A. and short prone. So after testing and retesting I went to radio shack and bought new some new DPDT relays (the smallest they had was 5A but it's bigger but works the same). Voila! Switching lights!. If you buy the 1A kit the relays may be defective but I learned much more about relays by these parts being defective than if they were not.

I would have given 5 stars, BUT...
- I received 20 680ohm resistors and was     missing 10 51k resistors.
- I did not receive a SPST switch that can plug into the bread board. I had some other switches that had to be rigged with wires for them to work (radio shack had the right ones for a few bucks).

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Glad you sell this / Coordination of parts July 1, 2011
Reviewer: Stephen Fisher from Dixon, CA United States  
I purchased this along with the Make Electronics book at the SF Maker Faire this past May.  I first have to say that I am really enjoying the book and am glad that you made this components pack available.  It has saved me many trips to the electronics store.

I want to mention that in my components pack the relay pins (HLS-4078-DC12V) did not match the pin layouts for the relays referenced in the book.  While the author is very good at explaining to the reader that relays can be different I think it would be important for MakerShed to make sure that the relays in the components pack match what is in the book.

While this initially posed a little bit of a hiccup while trying to figure out why exercises 7 and 15 were not working I did eventually figure it out, adjusted the wiring as necessary and successfully got the exercises to work.

This in no way diminished how much enjoyment I am getting from this book and the exercises.

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Great idea but not well executed June 9, 2011
Reviewer: Gerald from Toledo, OH United States  
I appreciated the simplicity of getting everything at once.  However, the kit was missing the ten 680 resistors.  The 2 DPDT relays were faulty.  As a beginner I naturally assumed that I was making a mistake. I eventually asked a friend who is an engineer at a local radio station to come over and he was able to prove that the DPDTs were the problem. I bought a new one at Radio Shack for 5 bucks and the circuit worked. The resistors largely came loose There are a lot of them to read and sort through. If they came in 10 packs sorted they may have known that they shorted me 10.  My multimeter shows that the AC-DC power source doesn't put out the stated power. It is off about 25 per cent.  9V DC is about the max it hard to say. It was great having everything at once in an organized way and it saved a lot of time shopping. But quality seems to be luck of the draw reading the reviews.  I liked the convenience enough to try pack 2.

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