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Great Kit! January 21, 2014
Reviewer: Matt Baker from Columbia, KY United States  
I read some reviews that were bad, I disagree.

There is an assembly tutorial in the details section of the product. Also as another reviewer posted if you're ready to build your own Arduino board you'd know where to find resources and instructions. You don't have to buy the FTDI to program this if you have an Arduino already, it can function as an FTDI/ICSP.

Keep up the good work guys and girls!

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Missing V. Regulator, but fun project. November 18, 2013
Reviewer: Michael Fasig from Lancaster, PA United States  
I get where most of the reviewers are coming from, the lack of instructions, no mention of needing another product to program and so on.
But overall this is a fun little project that actually has great instructions to put it all together, you just have to go online to find them. And let's be honest, if you're making a micro controller then you really should be able to handle a web search for instructions!
My ONLY complaint, mine was missing the voltage regulator, a $2 part at radio shack. Luckily I had one in my parts bin. But yeah, that needs to be addressed.
So if you're in the market to make your own arduino clone, you can't go wrong with this one.

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False Advertisement - poor quality control October 12, 2013
Reviewer: Justin Landry from Prairieville, LA United States  
today i went to my local radio shack just to get one of these. got home and was greatly let down in the quality

the description clearly states 5mm leds - wrong - 3mm!

no voltage regulator in my box - oh boy - i'm glad i had one in my vast assortment of components i keep on hand

the breadboard - the power/ground rails do not properly snap to the breadboard - never going to use this

the wire that is included is twisted together so tight that they are unusable

if this is my first impression of maker shed products, it is guaranteed that i will never purchase anything  with their label again - i purchased this kit for the simplicity of the bootloaded 328 and all the like components to make the diy controller board - i could have purchased  a complete kit from ebay for far less money and would have been more satisfied.

bottom line - do not waste your money on this kit

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Falsely advertised June 8, 2013
Reviewer: Jason from New Cumberland, PA United States  
The kit does not come with instructions or hardware needed to program the device. I was disappointed and returned it to Radio Shack promptly.

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Packaging needs work. May 29, 2013
Reviewer: Seg from Union City, CA United States  
I bought one of these at Radio Shack. Yes, as others have pointed out the retail packaging needs some work.

Mine has the incorrect "survival pack" photo on it.

There is no indication on the outside of the SEALED tin that you need an FTDI. Luckily I already had one. This should really be mentioned on the outside of the tin.

No, this kit is not a good choice for a total Arduino beginner. There should probably be some "Skill level: Intermediate/Advanced" branding on the tin to eliminate confusion.

I bought it expecting a more "advanced" kit and that's what I got. Personally I'm satisfied with it, and I'm currently working on rebuilding it on to a perfboard for better durability. And free up the breadboard...

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Love this Kit! April 20, 2013
Reviewer: Dan Franz from Cottage Grove, MN United States  
As I am a Ham Radio Operator, anything that comes in an Altoids tin I Must Own. While not overly impressed with the price I went to Google and searched for the assemble instructions and found them.  Todays society must want everything done for them.  People, USE YOUR Brain and Resources and go out and build something! I already own multiple Arduino's and they are my programmers. As DIY implies, "DO IT YOURSELF"!  :-)

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Wish I had Read the Reviews Prior to Purchase April 14, 2013
Reviewer: David Scheltema from Ann Arbor, MI United States  
I bought this at RadioShack and like everyone else reviewing found the packaging misleading.  

In fact, my version of the MintDuino kit does not even show the MintDuino it has a photo of the Survival Pack.  The link on the card inserted for the manual doesn't link to the pdf.  And all the complains regarding the FTDI programmer hold true for me.

Overall I am very disappointed with the packaging on the exterior of the kit!  MAKE really should strive to do better with their kits that they sell at third-party resellers.  To their credit It is very explicit on the website that you need an FTDI programmer, but to not have such notification for the store supplier kit is disappointing and unhelpful.

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Misleading - DO NOT WASTE TIME April 2, 2013
Reviewer: from ,  
I enjoyed the other Mintronics kits, but no more after this bulls**t. First you pay 25$ for the kit, oh yeah another 15$ for the FTDI adapter, and then did we mention another 3$ for the instructions. Extremely disappointed with Make now. Perhaps they should start MAKING it a habit to list what you need BEFORE you open the damn package. Returning and getting an Arduino. At least that already has the USB plug.

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This sucks March 27, 2013
Reviewer: jj Fryzel from Oakland , CA United States  
I went to radio shack bought a led strip of lights asked If I needed to buy anything additional and was told no but when I got it home the instructions tell me I need an arduino so back to RadioShack I go and bought this mintduino and get home to find that I need to buy a freakin FTDI ? Whatever that's 15 additional dollars. So $39.99 For the lightstrip and then $2499 for the Mintduino and then ANOTHER $15 for the FTDI? this is bull$?/-! and then three round trips to RadioShack in gas!? The better just return my money altogether. I'm so annoyed. and I really want to learn about programming but this is no fun . C'mon MAKE dont make this so hard! at least give a shopping list of what the hell I need (in plain beginner level tech language)provided at the store with your product bc RadioShack staff sure as hell can't help more than reading packaging along w u. Pfft!

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Garbage March 22, 2013
Reviewer: VReddy from Naperville, IL United States  
I picked up this product at Radio Shack. Maker Shed did not put up that you need a programmer to put this togather. Secondly on box it says the instructions are on the web site.

So you come to the web site and decide to buy two more products like the instruction book and the programmer and wait another week. Stupid is the word that comes to my mind. Not in the Returning the product not worth my time to jump through hoops....

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