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Maker Shed has a wide array of DIY robots, including Arduino robots and a variety of other robotics kits!

From our popular Brushbots for newbies and kids, to the more complicated Arduino Robot that can teach you about electronics, mechanics and software, we have a DIY Robot for every level of robotics experience. An Arduino Robot is a great way to get started in functional robotics. At maker we know that sometimes the accessories make all the difference in a successful project.  Arduino Robot servo and other accessories can be found here.

Ready to take your robotics skills to the next level? Check out our selection of products below.
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BrushBots BrushBot Party Packs Arduino Robots Mousebot Kits
Our Price: $19.99
BrushBot Party Pack
Our Price: $34.99
Arduino Robot
Our Price: $274.99
Sale Price: $249.99
You save $25.00!
Mousebot Kits
Our Price: $39.99
Teach kids about basic electronics and thinking outside the box in minimalist "robot" design …  More>

Upgrade your next gathering with the BrushBot Party Pack. Kit makes 12 spinning bots …  More>

This is a great way to learn about robotics, and programming without soldering…  More>

This light-chasing robot kit is easy-to-solder — a great learning project for beginners  …  More>

Hexy the Hexapod Sparki - Make Edition Cubelets 6pc Robotics Kit w/Charger Cubelets Battery Charger
Hexy the Hexapod
Our Price: $249.99
Sparki - Make Edition
Our Price: $149.99
Cubelets Battery Charger
Our Price: $14.99
Hexy the Hexapod is a fully articulated, Arduino powered hexapod robot kit.  …  More>

Ready to dive into robotics? Meet Sparki - He's a cute Arduino robot that's easy and fun to use!…  More>

Cubelets is a robotics construction kit that makes it fun and easy to create complex robots! …  More>

Cubelets Battery Charger for the 3.2V LiFePO4 batteries inside the battery Cubelet.…  More>

PING))) Ultrasonic Sensors Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger Sphero V2.0 by Orbotix 4WD Arduino Compatible Mobile Platforms
PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor
Our Price: $29.99
Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger
Our Price: $14.99
Sphero V2.0 by Orbotix
Our Price: $129.99
Perfect for any application that requires you to perform measurements between moving or st…  More>

This Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger is a non-contact distance measurement module that is compatible…  More>

This robot ball and gaming system can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet …  More>

This 4WD microcontoller platform includes geared motors, wheels, and a high-strength alumi…  More>

XBee Series 01 XBee Wireless Series 1 Starter Kits Multiplo - Robot Starter Kits Multiplo - Robot Building Kits
XBee Series 01
Our Price: $24.99
This 802.15.4 protocol wireless module is convertible to a mesh network point …  More>

Set up, test and communicate wirelessly from your PC to your microcontroller with ease…  More>

This Robot Kit is an ideal start for beginning robotics. It is easily expandable and…  More>

This Robot Building Kit is all you need to make your own robotic creatures.  …  More>

Push Button Programmable Robot Kit Mindwave Mobile Starter Set Official Arduino Motor Shields Make Robot Bundles
Make Robot Bundle
Our Price: $69.99
Sale Price: $52.49
You save $17.50!
Assemble, and Learn to program and guide your robot through a course of your own design. …  More>

Control programs and projects with your mind! Make it happen with the Mindwave Mobile!…  More>

Fits right on top of your Arduino Uno (or compatible) microcontroller and uses a full-brid…  More>

MAKE Magazine has featured several neat robot projects, and we're proud that Solarbotics h…  More>

Make: Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot Expansion Pack for Arduino Robot XBee Series 02 Tiny Wanderer Complete Kit
Make: Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot
Our Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $9.99
You save $15.00!
XBee Series 02
Our Price: $25.99
Sale Price: $21.99
You save $4.00!
Tiny Wanderer Complete Kit
Our Price: $179.99
Sale Price: $166.99
You save $13.00!
Build and program a robot that senses the environment and responds in a variety of ways …  More>

Ready to expand your Arduino Robot? This pack comes with sensors and actuators,…  More>

Xbee Series 2 modules allow you to create complex mesh networks based on the XBee ZigBe…  More>

This kit's perceptive little blue android is an excellent introduction to robot building…  More>

PIR Sensor Continuous Rotation Servo Obstacle Avoiding Robot Kit Standard Servos
PIR Sensor
Our Price: $9.99
Continuous Rotation Servo
Our Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $9.49
You save $3.50!
Standard Servo
Our Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $9.49
You save $3.50!
The PIR Sensor detects motion up to 20 feet away by using a Fresnel lens and infrared-sens…  More>

This Continuous Rotation Servo is ideal for robotics and basic movement projects.  It is d…  More>

Using sensors, this robot detects obstacles and travels around or away from them.  …  More>

This Standard Servo is ideal for robotics and basic movement projects.  It can hold any po…  More>

2WD Arduino Compatible Mobile Platform Radio Controlled Cube Car Micro Servos Big Bad Beetlebot Kit
2WD Arduino Compatible Mobile Platform
Our Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $45.49
You save $4.50!
Radio Controlled Cube Car
Our Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $12.99
You save $3.00!
Micro Servo
Our Price: $9.99
Big Bad Beetlebot Kit
Our Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $32.49
You save $7.50!
This 2WD microcontoller platform includes geared motors, wheels, and an aluminum alloy bod…  More>

Make your own RC car! With completed circuit board. The cube car is easily assembled…  More>

Comes with four control arms, and has a 10" wire lead with a universal "S" type connector …  More>

Make a quick and basic obstacle-avoiding robot with this no-soldering-required kit. Great …  More>

Propeller ActivtyBot Kit Gear Motor Two Pack Memsic 2125 Dual-axis Accelerometer ELEV-8 Crash Pack
Propeller ActivityBot Kits
Our Price: $199.99
Sale Price: $194.49
You save $5.50!
Gear Motor Two Pack
Our Price: $17.99
Sale Price: $14.99
You save $3.00!
Memsic 2125 Dual-axis Accelerometer
Our Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $25.49
You save $4.50!
ELEV-8 Crash Pack
Our Price: $44.99
Sale Price: $41.49
You save $3.50!
Learn real-world engineering skills with the friendly, capable, and peppy Propeller ActivityBot.…  More>

The new and updated gear motor pack includes (2) gear motors, and (2) wheel & hub sets. It…  More>

Measure tilt, acceleration, rotation and vibration with a range of ±3 g with this thermal …  More>

The ELEV-8 Crash Pack contains the most commonly damaged components for your quad…  More>

BlinkRC V2.0 Tadpole Robot in Wood 2-Axis Joystick Blinkybug Kit
BlinkRC V2.0
Our Price: $149.99
Sale Price: $131.49
You save $18.50!
Tadpole Robot in Wood
Our Price: $109.99
2-Axis Joystick
Our Price: $4.99
Blinkybug Kit
Our Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $16.99
You save $3.00!
BlinkRC2 is the new smallest, most-capable WiFi remote control receiver-- the successor to…  More>

This kit is a fantastic way to get into the hobby of robot making, with easy, clear instructions…  More>

Add analog input to your next project. This joystick offers dual 10K potentiometers with c…  More>

These fuzzy little bugs blink their LED eyes in response to movement, wind and vibrations …  More>

XBee Adapter Kit T3 Transforming Solar Robot Jungle Robot Robotic Arm Edge
XBee Adapter Kit
Our Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $6.49
You save $3.50!
Jungle Robot
Our Price: $34.99
Robotic Arm Edge
Our Price: $61.99
Build your own adapter board. Easy-to-assemble kit includes PCB and all necessary componen…  More>

The T3 Solar Robot is an intelligent mobile kit that requires no fossil fuel. It transforms into…  More>

The Jungle Robot Kit can teach the basic principles of robotic sensing and locomotion…  More>

With Robotic Arm Edge  command the gripper to open and close, wrist motion of 120 degrees, an…  More>

Cubelets LEGO® Brick Adapter 4-Pack Robo Link A Robo Link B Action Cubelets - Drive
Robo Link A
Our Price: $24.99
Robo Link B
Our Price: $39.99
Action Cubelets - Drive
Our Price: $31.99
These yellow adapters let you combine Cubelets with LEGO® bricks to create anything you want!…  More>

Robo Link allows you to create seven different robots with one easy set of building blocks… More>

Robo Link allows you to create seven different robots with one easy set of building blocks.… More>

This cubelet only moves one direction, slowing to a stop with a value of zero and moves faste…  More>

HB-25 Motor Controller Sense Cubelets - Knob Arduino Shield Robot Kits MAKE Rovera 2WD Arduino Robot Kits
HB-25 Motor Controller
Our Price: $49.99
Sense Cubelets - Knob
Our Price: $26.99
Arduino Shield Robot Kit
Our Price: $134.99
The HB-25 allows a DC Motor to be controlled much like a Continuous Rotation Servo …  More>

Manual control! Add to any Cubelets kit to extend your robot. This Cubelet has a potentiometer…  More>

Make your Arduino the onboard brain of a mobile robot and learn robotics, electronics and …  More>

Want to learn Arduino, robotics and sensors? This two-wheeled kit is the perfect platform …  More>

MAKE Rovera 4WD Arduino Robot Kits MotorShield V2 for Arduino Kits Cubelets Standard Kit Grove - Servo
Cubelets Standard Kit
Our Price: $519.99
Grove - Servo
Our Price: $9.99
Want to learn Arduino, robotics and sensors? This four-wheeled kit is the perfect platform…  More>

This is an updated version of the popular motor controller from Adafruit!
… More>

Contains 20 magnetic blocks that can be snapped together to make an endless variety of robots…  More>

This servo is a DC motor with gearing and feedback system. It's used in driving mechanism of rob…  More>

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