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Make: Reprints

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Make Projects: DIY Coffee (PDF) MAKE Primer: Moldmaking (PDF) MAKE Primer: Welding (PDF) MAKE Projects: Wind Powered Generator (PDF)
Got a jones for caffeine and technology? Mod your espresso machine to dial in the perfect …  More>

MythBusters' Adam Savage teaches how the pros replicate objects with a two-part block mold …  More>

Mister Jalopy explains the process and shows how you can be a welder by the end of the weekend …  More>

With a motor and some piping, it’s surprisingly easy to build this inexpensive generator …  More>

MAKE Primer: Printed Circuit Boards (PDF) MAKE Projects: Compressed Air Rocket (PDF) MAKE Projects: Kitchen Floor Vacuum Former (PDF) MAKE Projects: Stirling Engine (PDF)
Step-by-step instructions for making your own one-layer board for a blinking LED circuit …  More>

Blow your friends away as you send this 25-cent rocket hundreds of feet in the air!…  More>

Make your own — with your oven, a household vacuum and a simple wooden frame and hollow box …  More>

Make Projects: The Stirling engine has long captivated inventors and dreamers. Here are co…  More>

MAKE Primer: Working with Carbon Fiber (PDF) MAKE Projects: The Brain Machine (PDF) MAKE Projects: Cigar Box Guitar (PDF) MAKE Projects: Nightlighter 36 Spud Gun (PDF)
Learn construction basics and form, lay up, and cure your own high-performance composites …  More>

Build a Sound and Light Machine, which can help people sleep, wake up, meditate, and more …  More>

This sweet-sounding, three-stringed mini guitar revives an American musical tradition that…  More>

The potato cannon, a.k.a. the spud gun, is a popular and very entertaining amateur science…  More>

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