3DR Quadcopter Kit with GPS/Compass

3DR Quadcopter Kit with GPS/Compass

This Quad kit is an autonomous, robotic platform that's great for aerial photography or honing your flying skills.


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Product #: MK3DR01

3DR Quadcopter Kit - Fully featured UAV development platform.

This new ArduCopter frame design incorporates several new features. The landing gear is moved further apart, making the vehicle more stable during takeoff and landing. It provides a wider, unobstructed field of view for mounting cameras under the vehicle. The center plate is removable, allowing access to the PDB without the need to take apart the entire frame. The arms are strong enough to withstand heavy impacts. The top plate of the vehicle is designed to accommodate the APM in both + or x configurations. This kit is designed by 3D Robotics in San Diego, California.

  • 2 Fiberglass Main frame boards
  • 5 Aluminum arms (3Black,2Blue)
  • 2 Fiberglass Carrier boards
  • Fiberglass Landing gear
  • Female T plug - Male XT60 adapter
  • Power distribution board, power cables and signal cables for PDB-APM
  • Motors (850kv), props (10x47) and SimonK loaded ESCs
  • APM 2.6 with side entry configuration
  • Optional Ublox with compass
  • Power Module (XT60)
  • All hardware needed to assemble the components above
  • 3DR uBlox GPS w/Compass Kit
  • Shorter arms.
  • Arms now come in blue and black.
  • Motor mounting is no longer done with a bolt through the entire arm but now the motor just mounts to a single face of the arm. (This is to prevent the arm from sinking in.)
  • Kit now includes spare arm.
  • Assembly Instructions are available here.
  • APM:Copter manual is available here.
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