3rd Gen TV-B-Gone!

3rd Gen TV-B-Gone!

Silence, squawk box. Turn any TV off (or on) with the click of a button. Stealth mode option allows you to deploy your TV-nixing superpowers undetected.


Product #: MKCE1

With the 3rd Gen TV-B-Gone you can turn any TV on or off with a click of the button! With the new and improved Gen 3 model, even big-screen LCD TVs aren't safe anymore! New features include instant reactivation with the press of a button, a bigger battery, and a flashing LED that indicates the unit is sending out its signal. (If you don't want the LED on, simply double-click at the beginning of a new sequence for "stealth mode").

The North American and Asian model works for televisions in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and many Asian countries (and it may also work in other countries that use NTSC video). Your TV-B-Gone universal remote control resembles other TV remote controls, but is different in two important ways. First, it only has a power button that allows you to switch a TV on or off. You control when you see, rather than what you see. Second, the device is so small that it easily fits in your pocket, so that you have it handy whenever you need it, wherever you go: airports (Zap), bars (Zap), restaurants (Zap), Laundromats (Zap, Zaaap), etc.

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