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A12 LED Wearable Combo Pack

A12 LED Wearable Combo Pack

Watch the brilliant light show with this lovely light up RGB ring. Dazzle and sparkle!


Product #: MKLA5

The A12 LED Wearable Combo Pack is the newest addition to our wearable LED accessories. The A12 is the same size as R48, uses the same microcontroller and battery, but with 12 full-color LEDs. The A12 comes with a rechargeable battery (LIR2450) and charger. With those, you won't need to keep buying batteries. The charger is very compact and plugs right into a USB port.
  • 12 full-color LEDs produce beautiful colors.
  • A12 is fully assembled
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery (LIR2450, easily replaceable), and USB charger.
  • Battery will typically last about 5 hours continuously.
  • Also comes with black cord (lanyard) to hang around your neck.
  • 10 beautiful animation patterns preprogrammed.
  • "Demo"” mode automatically runs though all animation patterns —– changes every minute. (Activated by holding the button at the startup.)
  • Dimension: 1.9 inch diameter, 0.4 inch thick (including the battery)
  • 1x PIC24F08KL301 or 401 — IC1
  • 12x PLCC4 RGB LED (common-anode)
  • 1x 10uF 10V MLCC — C1
  • 1x Tactile Switch — SW1
  • 1x Battery Retainer
  • 1x LIR2450 (Rechargeable Li-ion) Battery
  • 1x LIR2450 USB charger