Adjustable Tubular Manipulation Pick - 7 Pin

Adjustable Tubular Manipulation Pick - 7 Pin

With this pick, you can easily open most tubular pin tumbler locks. You can adjust the needle… More>


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Product #: MKSD10

This new Adjustable Tubular Manipulation Pick - 7 Pin allows adjustment of needle pressure, giving you the versatility to pick tubular locks with higher spring pressures. Tubular locks are often considered more secure than traditional pin tumbler locks, but tubular locks are a breeze with this pick set. Each pick has a comfortable, slip resistant rubber handle and they are also available in seven, eight and, ten pin configuration. Since the picking needles are locked into place once you pick it, you can reinsert the pick and open the lock as if it were a key.

This kit also comes with a "decoder", which lets you measure the depths when the pins reach the shear line.