Anime Projector

Anime Projector
Anime Projector
Anime Projector
Anime Projector
Anime Projector

Anime Projector

Love cartoons or know a kid that does? Draw your own sequences and project them with this DIY hand-crank kit!




The Magic Lantern Anime Projector is an easy to build movie projector that will project images (you can create your own!) onto the wall of a darkened room. The projector is crank powered, giving you the control to change your images as fast as you desire. 


Explore the concepts of light, convex lenses and persistence of vision (the brain's ability to retain one image in a sequence as the next image is played, so that when still images depicting gradual chance are played fast enough, the illusion of motion is created) - wrapped up in the fun of animation! Kit comes with one pre-drawn set of images, as a guide for rcreating your own. 


Please Note: Batteries not included!


Like all of the other Artec Education kits, this is a hands-on educational kit designed for kids in and out of the classroom.  A development tool for for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, Artec kits are built with thick paperboard parts and can be assembled in under a half-hour - intended for a period of focused learning, followed by the reward of fun play and a satisfying, lasting toy. 

Base left — 1
Base right — 1
Light source box A — 1
Light source box B — 1
Base front — 1
Socket securing part — 1
Slit board — 1
Small round disc — 2
Lens retainer — 2
Lens holder — 1
Large round disc — 2
Lens —1
Printed picture — 1
Size AA battery holder — 2
Switch — 1
LED bulb — 1
Socket — 1
Plug — 1
Double-sided tape (thick) — 1
Double-sided tape (thick) — 10
School glue — 1
Plastic conductive wire — 1
Handle base — 1
Long rod — 1
Short rod — 1


Dimensions Assembled

175 x 90 x 130 mm (6.9 x 3.5 x 5.1'')(after assembly)

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