Ardweeny BackPack with Blue LEDs

Ardweeny BackPack with Blue LEDs

The Ardweeny LED Backpack is perfect for POV and other LED based displays!

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Product #: MKSB025

Free your Ardweeny from the breadboard. The Ardweeny has proven to be a very popular Arduino compatible microcontroller because of it's tight package and cost-effective performance. But without a breadboard or power supply, it's not going to see much of the world. That's where the LED backpack comes in. The bottom of the BackPack has 8 blue (surface-mounted) LEDs preinstalled to lines D0 to D7. Ideal for building a POV (persistence of vision) device, or use it as a linear bar graph. The LEDs can be isolated individually (or as a group) with a simple knife cut. So free your Ardweeny from the breadboard, give it a backpack, and send it on its way!


Note: Ardweeny not included

  • Ardweeny Socket (or solder it straight in if you need a robust module)
  • BLINKMtm compatible header, which doubles as a Servo header!
  • TMP36 Temperature Sensor footprint, ready to go!
  • Full I/O breakout with solder points (or pluggable headers)
  • Dual-orientation 2.1mm Barrel Jack mount (inline or 90°)
  • Built-in 5V regulator, power LED & switch