Audio Hacker DJ Shield Kit for Arduino

Audio Hacker DJ Shield Kit for Arduino

Become an Arduino DJ with this Audio Hacker Shield!

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Product #: MKNTD4

The Audio Hacker Shield - Kit for Arduino allows you to perform realtime digital signal processing. Record audio samples into memory and play them back. Mix samples, manipulate audio, build audio effects, or synthesize entirely new sounds. All with Arduino programming!

  • Audio input and output 3.5mm stereo jacks and solder pads.
  • Small volume knob for the output level of the processed signal.
  • Preamp gain allows you to amplify weak input signals.
  • The bypass switch allows you to hear the input signal (after it has been converted to mono) on the output.
  • Two buttons provided for user input.
  • Battery connection allows you to keep your audio samples in non-volatile memory when power is disconnected.

The optional DJ Shield (sold separately) can be added on top to give you 5 buttons, 3 potentiometers, and two indicator LEDs. It's not required to use with the Audio Hacker but it makes it easier to do projects that require more controls.