BITalino Physiological Sensor Platform


BITalino Physiological Sensor Platform
BITalino Physiological Sensor Platform

BITalino Physiological Sensor Platform

BITalino makes creating physiological sensor projects and applications easy and affordable! Monitor your brain waves!


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Product #: MKBT01

The BITalino is an intriguing kit that allows anyone, from beginner makers to professional developers, to create projects using physiological sensors. BITalino integrates easy to use software and hardware blocks with sensors to monitor electrocardiography (ECG), electromyography (EMG), and electrodermal activity (EDA). The only limit is your imagination; each individual block can easily be snapped off or used in different combinations to prototype virtually anything physiological.

BITalino utilizes visualization and recording, as well as having a set of programming APIs, a biosignal processing toolbox, and framework for real time data acquisition. BITalino's hardware consists of a modular wireless biosignal acquisition system, 6 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, up to 10-bit resolution and up to 1000Hz sampling rates that can be used to support physiological based applications.

What are people making with the BITalino? Muscle controlled locking systems, steering wheels that read
ECG signals, and flowers that tweet you when they need to be watered!
  • Sampling Rate: Configurable to 1, 10, 100 or 1000Hz
  • Analog Ports: 4 input (10-bit) + 2 input (6-bit)
  • Digital Ports: 4 input (1-bit) + 4 output (1-bit)
  • Data Link: Class II Bluetooth v2.0 (range up to 10m)
  • Sensors: EMG; ECG; EDA; Accelerometer; Ambient Light Sensor
  • Actuators: LED
  • 1x 3-lead accessory (for EMG / ECG)
  • 1x 2-lead accessory (for EDA)
  • 5x Pre-gelled electrodes
  • 1x Li-Po Battery 320mAh
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