BlinkM Smart LED

BlinkM Smart LED
BlinkM Smart LED

BlinkM Smart LED

Looking for an LED that can fade? Flash? Flicker like a candle? Check out BlinkM and start your light show.


BlinkM Smart LED uses an ultra-bright wide-angle RGB LED. Attach it to a microcontroller and use the BlinkM Sequencer software that fuses a color picker with a drum machine. You program BlinkM to be any color, and blink and fade in virtually any pattern. When you've programmed your BlinkM, you unplug it and pop it into your project. Apply 5 volts, and it does its thing, whether that's glowing your favorite pinkish purple, or pulsing like an old neon light.

Quick Start requirements:
No programming experience!
Arduino I/O board (not included, and you only need one to program any number of BlinkMs)
Advanced requirements:
Any microcontroller (including BASIC Stamp, MAKE Controller, etc.)
OSX, Windows, Linux
Solderless breadboard
Experience programming Arduino, or similar

Software requirements:
OSX 10.3.9, Windows 2000, Linux
Java 1.5 or later (included with Windows installation)