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Blinky POV Red SMT


Blinky POV Red SMT
Blinky POV Red SMT

Blinky POV Red SMT

Create the illusion of text or a small picture floating in the air with this reprogrammable Blinky POV.

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Product #: MKWL06

Blinky POV is a reprogrammable LED kit that uses persistence of vision to create the illusion of text or a small picture floating in the air. It only has 8 LEDs. It can also act like a Larson Scanner. This is the surface-mount version of the Blinky POV kit, and is a great way to learn and practice surface-mount soldering.


Blinky POV SMT requires no special cables or knowledge of programming. The display is updated through a web page by holding the Blinky up to your monitor. Click the Go button on the page, and the squares start to blink, transmitting the data to the Blinky POV SMT.

Easy to assemble kit makes for a great learning experience. All parts are the largest surface-mount packages available (1206 and SOIC). Fully open-source designs means that we share the knowledge and files used to create these kits, including the circuit schematic, firmware, and PCB layout. We've designed the Blinky Grid and Blinky POV to be easy to modify. Custom, professionally-made PCB provides for an easy soldering experience. To construct a Blinky Grid or Blinky POV, you'll need the kit, a soldering iron and solder, and anything extra you want to use for surface mount.
Instructions are included with the kit but are also available here.

Blinky Programmer Website