Blinkybug Kit


Blinkybug Kit
Blinkybug Kit

Blinkybug Kit

These fuzzy little bugs blink their LED eyes in response to movement, wind and vibrations.

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Product #: 9780811871402

Teach kids about electricity and circuitry with these brightly colored, fuzzy bugs. These simple, little electro-mechanical insects respond to movement, wind and vibrations by blinking their LED eyes.


The kit includes an instructive hardback book —— written in comic-book style — and everything you need to make three Blinkybugs.

Makes 3 Blinkybugs
Kit Contents:
  • 6 -LEDs
  • guitar string
  • 3 -3V coin-cell batteries
  • 3 -12" pipe cleaners, assorted colors
  • 3 -1.5" copper tubes
  • Blinkybug Instructions for Version 1 (the online version) available here.

    Blinkybug Instructions for Version 2 (the Maker Faire version) available here.

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