Brain Jr Omni MIDI Kit


Brain Jr Omni MIDI Kit
Brain Jr Omni MIDI Kit

Brain Jr Omni MIDI Kit

Use your multi layout Omni boards to create your own MIDI controller without the burden of wires!

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Product #: MKLV01

The Brain Jr Omni Kit allows you to create a complete MIDI controller using our multi layout Omni boards. This kit comes complete with LEDs, buttons, spacer layers, and more. Need a compact MIDI controller but not interested in a nest of wires? Then this kit is right for you!

  • 1 x Brain Jr.
  • 1 x Omni Breakout Shield
  • 2 x Omni board
  • 16 x Blue LEDs
  • 4 x 1x4 Omni keypads
  • 1 x 4x4 Omni spacer layer
  • 16 x Rotary potentiometers
  • 20 x Capacitors
  • 4 x Ribbon cables
  • 5 x Pin headers
  • 3 x Header capacitors
  • Brain Configure v1.20

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