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Brain Machine Kit
Brain Machine Kit

Brain Machine Kit



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Product #: MKAD41

With the Brain Machine Kit relax and rejuvenate as your brain synchronizes to a wonderful meditative state, and enjoy as you hallucinate beautiful colors and patterns from your subconscious mind.

The Brain Machine provides you with a fun, easy way to meditate, all the while being very photogenic. They work with lights and sounds that pulse at a 14-minute-long meditation sequence of brainwave frequencies. Your brain synchronizes to this meditation sequence, and you meditate. It's that easy. And the beautiful colors and patterns you vividly imagine along the way make it fun and enjoyable.

Please note: The Brain Machine works with blinking lights. Be aware that blinking lights are not good for some people, especially those prone to seizures.

Build your own machine to expand your brain's technical skills, then lean back and enjoy the light show. They are a blast at parties, a fun way to practice meditation and trip out. The picture is of Mitch Altman, originator of the Brain Machine and TV-B-Gone products. The current version of the Brain Machine will differ from the picture.

Please note: This version of the Brain Machine does not follow the instructions of the previous version featured in MAKE Volume 10 or on the Brain Machine Page at Makezine.com. The most up-to-date instructions for this kit are found under the How To tab.

The Brain Machine Kit is an unassembled DIY kit - all the parts needed to make it are included: High quality Printed Circuit Board All electrical components, including pre-programmed microcontroller, wires, LEDs Over-ear headphones Dark-tinted safety glasses (fits children and adults) Color printed overlay for fashionability 2 x AAA batteries included - will last for hundreds of 'trips' The Kit does not include basic tools. You will need to provide the tools necessary for construction including a soldering iron, diagonal cutters, drill, hot glue (or other adhesive), scissors, etc. For the list of tools you'll need, please check the project prep page. The project is not very difficult and can be constructed in 2-3 hours at a leisurely pace by someone with no soldering experience. We have plenty of testing spots to help you along.
The brain produces varying proportions of brain wave types, depending on its current levels of relaxation, focus, and other mental states. Each type of wave has its own characteristic frequency range, which can be read by electroencephalography. Many people's brain waves will synchronize to lights and sounds pulsing at brain wave frequencies, and this makes the brain change its state -- a process called "entrainment." By playing sequences of pulses into your eyes and ears, you can program your brain to follow any brain wave experience you like.
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Our Brain Machine Page at Makezine.com has firmware, schematics, and how-to video instructions to build your own brain machine.

Also, Check out this great hack for using a mint tin as the enclosure!

Hacking the Brain Machine