Circuit Stickers Sensors Pack

Circuit Stickers Sensors Pack

Create circuits with stickers! These cool stickers will give you some cool sensors to choose from.


Product #: MKCB04

Circuit Stickers are a hands-on, reusable, and creative way to learn how to create electronic circuits with LEDs. These stickers can be used to create artwork, cards, body art, or to simply light up your life with some cool LEDs. The stickers press onto the circuit you create with any conductive material, like graphite, copper foil, Bare Conductive paints, conductive thread or fabric, or even tinfoil!

The Circuit Stickers Sensors Pack is four sensor stickers that have serious skills! Respectively, the four cool sensors respond to light, sound, a trigger, or touch! Also, there is a programmable sticker if you're itching to hack.