Make your own molds to duplicate 3D objects with reusable Composimold Setting You Up for Success… More>

Product #: MKCPS01

Using molds to reproduce objects has been around for centuries - but is usually a time consuming process done by skilled craftsman. With Composimold's Setting You up for Suceess Kit, now anyone can do it! The unique Composimold rubber compound melts in your microwave to a honey like consistency, which can simply be poured onto your master part. After the compound cools, just remove your master part, apply mold release (included in the kit) and add pour or press in your casting material. Ready to make another mold? Composimold can be reheated and re-used indefinitely!




The Setting You Up for Success Kit includes 20oz of Composimold-LT, Mold Release Agent, 6oz of Bubble Buster, Easy Filtration Kit, Instructional DVD with 14 tutorials and a 100+ page E-Book. Just about everything you need to successfully make high quality molds at home (microwave and master object(s) not included.)
  • 20oz of Composimold-LT Compound
  • Mold Release Agent
  • 6oz of Bubble Buster
  • Easy Filtration Kit
  • Instructional DVD with 14 tutorials and a 100+ page E-Book
  • Reusable Storage Bag