Compressed Air Rocket Launcher v3

Compressed Air Rocket Launcher v3
Compressed Air Rocket Launcher v3
Compressed Air Rocket Launcher v3

Compressed Air Rocket Launcher v3

Grab a bicycle pump and this kit and send homemade paper rockets soaring hundreds of feet in the air! This is the newest version of the Compressed Air Rocket Launcher.


Blast reusable rockets hundreds of feet in the air with the Compressed Air Rocket Launcher v3.0! This launcher was first introduced to the world in Make: Magazine vol. 15 in 2008. Since then, individuals, groups, and Maker Faires all over the world have had a blast introducing rocketry to kids and adults with this launcher.

The Compressed Air Rocket Launcher v3.0 has been completely redesigned and is now made entirely out of wood and industrial steel parts. This launcher is designed for heavy use and many years of high flying fun. In fact, this launcher has been used at Maker Faires in both the Bay Area and New York City to launch thousands of rockets over the course of the weekends.

Key Features

  • Assembles in about half an hour using these easy to follow illustrated instructions
  • Sturdy design to withstand many years of use
  • Launch tube can be easily tilted to account for wind conditions by loosening a single wing nut
  • Includes storage for launch tubes
  • Includes a 3/8" launch tube to fire off the Air Rocket Glider from Make: issue #39.  

What You'll Need

  • Adjustable wrench 
  • Pliers
  • Masking tape
  • Paper
  • Bicycle pump or air compressor

Important: The Compressed Air Rocket launcher operates at pressures up to 150 PSI. ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED. There are inherent risks in working with compressed air - this is a "put your phone away" project where you need to be present for launching. Never aim this device at people or animals. LLC and Maker Media Inc takes no responsibility for damages or injuries associated with the improper use of this device. 

Meet the Makers

Mechanical Engineer Keith Violette first contacted middle school teacher (and contributing writer for Make: Magazine) Rick Schertle after reading Rick's articles in Make: Magazine and building the balsa wood Folding Wing Glider and the Compressed Air Rocket Launcher. Since this first introduction, Rick and Keith have continued to innovate in several areas in compressed air rocketry, working to make compressed air rocketry an accessible and safe introduction for kids of all ages to make all kinds of things that fly.