Craft: Volume 07 (PDF)

Craft: Volume 07 (PDF)

Make knitted Converse high-tops, custom roller skates, ribbon sandals, and modular shoes … More>


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Shoes are the featured theme of Craft Volume 07 (PDF) , and we celebrate these vital, beautiful, and often addictive accessories by offering a gamut of projects for the innate cobbler in each of us. Welcoming spring and the outdoors, some of the themed projects include making knitted Converse high-tops, custom roller skates from any kicks, ribbon sandals, and modular shoes. Also in this issue, we explore the crafty side of Amsterdam, learn how to make a quick-and-easy herb garden, a set of portable speakers, and a gorgeous jewelry stand out of bamboo, among many other projects. As with every issue of CRAFT, this one is packed with projects that will inspire crafters to create.