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Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner Kit


Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner Kit
Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner Kit
Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner Kit

Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner Kit

Who needs a fancy carpet cleaner when you can have the kids clean the floor with recycled soda containers?


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Product #: MKAR05

Learn the concepts of air pressure, motors and electricity, while sweeping the dog's hair off the couch with the Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner Kit. Recycle a plastic bottle into a cyclonic vacuum cleaner! This cyclone vacuum cleaner draws air toward the back of the bottle using its propeller. The air pressure then drops inside the front of the plastic bottle, drawing in dust and debris. Experiment with different bottle shapes to see how the strength of the suction varies!


Like all of the other Artec Educational kits we carry, this is a hands-on educational kit designed for kids in and out of the classroom.  A development tool for for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, Artec kits are built with thick paperboard parts and can be assembled in under a half-hour - intended for a period of focused learning, followed by the reward of fun play and a satisfying, lasting toy.

Paper battery case — 1
Paper body — 1
Paper handle — 1
Paper joint part — 1
Paper propeller — 1
Switch — 1
Motor — 1
Size AA battery holder — 2
Propeller retaining part (upper) — 1
Propeller retaining part (lower) — 1
Plastic conductive wire — 1
Rubber band — 1
Plug — 6
Double-sided tape (thin) — 6
Double-sided tape (thick) — 1


Paper * Plastic bottles not included. - Plastic bottle (500ml) *Cylindrical shape, approximately 65 - 70 mm (2.6 - 2.8'') diameter. - Scissors - Box cutter - Requires 2 size AA heavy duty/general purpose batteries (sold separately)

Dimensions Assembled

75 x 125 x approx, 210 mm (3.0 x 5.0 x approx, 8.3'')(Depends on the plastic bottle)