DayCounter Kit


DayCounter Kit
DayCounter Kit
DayCounter Kit
DayCounter Kit

DayCounter Kit

Count down the days to a special event or just count the days. Our day counter kit can be customized with a frame to look super fancy.

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Product #: MKWD04

Counting days has never been this much fun! The DayCounter kit comes pre-programmed with software that allows it to count up one day at a time, or have it count down one day at a time from a set number. The kit easily mounts in a frame, or poster-board, so you can customize the surrounding text to suit your particular needs. A single DayCounter kit is good for up to 99 days, and they can be "chained together" serially to give you more digits.

Requires a 5v power supply (like an old cell phone charger, not included.)

  • Counts up
  • Counts down
  • Raises an output to 5v when it gets to 0 (countdown only)
  • Can chain lots of them together
  • 7-Segment display is mounted on the back, creating a flat surface which is easy to mount into projects.
  • One practical uses might be to count "days since the last workplace accident.

    Use it used as a physical form of the XKCD cartoon reset. Pre-installed software also drives a signal to ground on count-down expiration for application extensibility, one example might be a piezo-buzzer. For more advanced users, exclude the on-board MCU and you've got a 2-digit LCD with a simple to use serial interface that you can easily connect to an Arduino. Lots of configurations are possible, we can't wait to see how you will use it!
    Detailed assembly instructions can be found here.