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Delta Twister Flying Machine


Delta Twister Flying Machine
Delta Twister Flying Machine

Delta Twister Flying Machine

Build the lightweight, dual-winged Delta Twister and set it free to flap through the air. This unique flier has both motorized and old school rubber band options to send it sailing.


Product #: MKGK41

The Delta Twister is a flying machine that, once assembled, will see your sense of satisfaction soar along with the winged model itself.

Ideal for young budding engineers and designers, learn about aviation and aero-dynamics in the best way possible - through the fruits of your own labor and handiwork! Once constructed, your flying model will have a wingspan of 40cm (15.7") and weigh almost nothing. It flies using a rubber band which is wound up or its small motor can be driven by electrical power. This kit creates a fluttering creature that flaps in a unique way!
  • Build-it-yourself flying model kit
  • Final model size: 39 x 40cm (15.3 x 15.7")
  • Model weight: 6-9g (0.2-0.3 oz)
  • Power: AAA batteries x 2 (charger)
  • Instructions: Japanese (but with diagrams)