Desktop Spectrometry Kit


Desktop Spectrometry Kit
Desktop Spectrometry Kit
Desktop Spectrometry Kit
Desktop Spectrometry Kit
Desktop Spectrometry Kit
Desktop Spectrometry Kit

Desktop Spectrometry Kit

What turns contaminants into rainbows? Spectrometry. Well, not really - but sort of.


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Product #: MKPBL04

This Desktop Spectrometry Kit includes all the parts for a compact, simple, yet powerful experimental tool -- a visible/near-infrared spectrometer, also known as a spectroscope or spectrophotometer.


Colored light is often a blend of different colors. A spectrometer is a device which splits those colors apart, like a prism, and measures the strength of each color. Public Lab's Do-It-Yourself spectrometers are designed to help everyday people detect pollutants where they live. Their goal is affordable, open source, Do-It-Yourself spectrometer kits to identify oil pollution in soil and water, as well as a range of other possible contaminants.


In less than 30 minutes of assembly, you can plug the Desktop Spectrometry Kit it into your computer with a USB cable and begin using the SpectralWorkbench software and website to collect spectra -- the "fingerprint" of a material.

This open source instrument is capable of better than 3 nanometer spectral resolution and can record light from ~390 to ~900nm. Though experimental, this tool has already been used to collect spectral data on contaminated water, laundry detergent, wines, and fish tank lights. You can help to improve it and find new applications!

Actual webcam model may vary, but will be 1280x720

  • a diffraction grating (a slice of a DVD-R)
  • a piece of black card paper from which to cut your aperture slit
  • a small HD webcam and USB cable
  • an aluminum Type LB conduit enclosure
  • a strip of double-sided foam adhesive for mounting your webcam
  • instructions and a copy of the CERN Open Hardware License
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