DIY Desktop Spectrometry Kit

DIY Desktop Spectrometry Kit
DIY Desktop Spectrometry Kit
DIY Desktop Spectrometry Kit
DIY Desktop Spectrometry Kit

DIY Desktop Spectrometry Kit


Investigate pollutants around you with this DIY Desktop spectrometry kit.


Now you can start a hobby in pollution forensics. This DIY Desktop spectrometry kit from Public Lab allows you to test and recognize materials by using light. Other spectrometers can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. This wavelength-calibrated, papercraft spectrometer was designed as an inexpensive way to get into the spectrometry world.

How does it work? Reflected, absorbed, or fluoresced light leaves a sample and enters the spectrometer through its collimation slit into the diffraction grating that separates the light by color. Then a webcam captures the telltale light signature, or "spectra." The free browser-based software at can then analyze the wavelength of light and allow you to compare samples.

The results are qualitative, meaning you can't use this to calibrate studio lights or do experiments where measuring precise color intensity is important. It has a range of  ~390 to ~750 nanometers with resolution better than 3 nm!

Because this is a kit, you get the opportunity to build your own spectrometer with from start to finish, and see what it takes to make a spectrometer work. 

Not only do you build a fully working DIY spectrometer, but you'll also get access to the large spectrometry community at where you can talk and see other people's experiments such as identify dyes in "free and clear" laundry detergent, to test grow lampsanalyze wines, or grade and identify oils.


What's in the box

  • Webcam
  • USB cable
  • Flexible experiment enclosure
  • Interchangeable components
  • Diffraction grating (cut from the included DVD-R)
  • Acetate collimation slit
  • Rigid and adjustable mounting board 
  • Printed instructions and online documentation
  • Wooden mounting block
  • 1 roll of double-sided super tape

What You'll Need

  • Scissors 

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