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DIY Instrument Kit


DIY Instrument Kit
DIY Instrument Kit

DIY Instrument Kit

This DIY Instrument kit is an easy and fun way to learn the art of soldering and to create a musical instrument that you control with your hands!

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Product #: MKTWS01

The DIY Instrument Kit is a do it yourself kit that comes with a custom designed circuit board and all of the components you need to make your own musical device. This is an easy and fun way to learn the art of soldering; you begin to understand the electronic components that make up most of the technology in our lives and make something fun and creative.

The DIY Instrument (formerly the Lumiphone) takes about an hour to make, most of which is soldering. It is important that you download the handy how-to manual from the Technology Will Save Us website as it has step by step instructions and helpful tips for soldering. Once you have made your instrument, sensors detect the light emitted by the LEDs. You use your finger to interrupt the beams of light. The left beam controls the volume and the right beam controls the pitch!

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