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Edo-Style Clock Kit


Edo-Style Clock Kit
Edo-Style Clock Kit
Edo-Style Clock Kit

Edo-Style Clock Kit

Craft an Edo-style dual-balance clock - hack it if you're so inclined - and keep seasonal time in two speeds.


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Product #: MKGK29

Build your own beautiful Double-foliot, Edo-Period Japanese Mechanical Clock. You can even hack it with a microcontroller! 6" x 3" x 3" assembled. Easy to build -- Included instructions are in Japanese but feature highly detailed assembly pictures. (English instructions are available for download under the "How To" tab.)


In the Edo period, the Japanese employed a system of unequal hours based on sunrise and sunset. With seasonal change, the length of a single "hour" or unit dividing day or night, also changed. The Japanese developed a mechanical clock that used this system.


In this Edo-style clock, one time-keeping foliot (balance arm with weights) rises and the other falls, essentially providing a two speed clock, adjustable to the time of year.


Build a Gakken Edo-Style Clock

Easy to build in a couple hours
High impact plastic
Check out the movie here.
Edo-period Japan employed a "system of unequal hours" which used the light of the sun. Based on nightfall and daybreak, the length of a single hour changed from day to day and even varied between day and night, with the Japanese clock being the only mechanical clock in the world that used this unusual system.