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ELEV-8 Hex Upgrade Kit


ELEV-8 Hex Upgrade Kit
ELEV-8 Hex Upgrade Kit
ELEV-8 Hex Upgrade Kit

ELEV-8 Hex Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your ELEV-8 Quadcopter into a Hexcopter with this add-on kit for increased payload.

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Product #: MKPX32

With the ELEV-8 Hex Upgrade Kit, transforming your ELEV-8 Quadcopter into a Hexcopter has never been easier. Simply swap out your center chassis plates, add two complete arms, reconfigure your Hoverfly Control Board, and get right back in the sky. All motors, speed controllers and hardware components are included in the kit -- you'll need a soldering iron to put it together.


The benefit of having two additional motors is an increased payload capacity of 2 pounds over the Quadcopter. This additional carrying capacity makes the ELEV-8 Hex great for carrying cameras, measurement devices, and extra batteries. The center chassis plates have plenty of slots and holes to make mounting additional hardware easy, whether it's on top or underneath.


Note: this is not a complete Hexcopter kit. It comes with parts for accommodating two additional arms on top of the ELEV-8 Quad kit.

  • Additional 2 lbs of payload capacity over a standard Quadcopter, perfect for your camera or other hardware.
  • Open underbody is great for getting clear camera views.
  • Chassis cutouts keep a #4-40 sized screw head from passing through them, enabling you to mount hardware and equipment directly to the chassis.
  • Dimensions:
  • 26" motor center to motor center
  • 7" high
  • Assembly instructions are available here.
  • A complete parts list is available here.