Exergia Candle Car Kit

Exergia Candle Car Kit

Make your bot go, go, go with the power of heat converted by a candle.

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Product #: MKERG02

This kit demonstrates the direct conversion of heat into electrical energy via the Seebeck effect. Just like solar panels, electricity is generated without visible moving parts. Atomic vibrations from heat generate the power that runs the car.


The principle is similar to how nuclear space probes are powered - only you use a candle instead of decaying radioactive material. Build the car then put it on a smooth surface. Fill up the reservoir with water and light the included candle. After a minute or so the resulting temperature differential will produce enough energy to move the car. You can increase the speed of the car by using colder water or adding ice cubes, and have it go straight or in circles by adjusting the front wheel.


This kit is perfect for science faires, demonstrations, and fun!
  • Detailed English and German instructions
  • Dimensions: diameter ~100mm, height ~150mm