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Gakken Sounds


Gakken Sounds
Gakken Sounds
Gakken Sounds
Gakken Sounds

Gakken Sounds

Includes three popular Gakken DIY music kits: The mini theremin, electric guitar, and SX150 synth.


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Product #: MSBUN58

This bundle includes the three popular music kits by Gakken:


Mini-Theremin: It's the first musical instrument you play without touching. The theremin, invented in 1919 by Russian scientist Leon Theremin, is one of the world's earliest fully electronic instruments. Its eerie, otherworldly tones (as heard in classic creepy movies) are created by the proximity of the player's hands to the metal antennas, with the resulting radio frequency interference being transformed into musical tones

Gakken Mini Electric Guitar: Grab this sweet mini 4-string electric guitar before they are gone! Features a built in amp and speaker so you can rock on the go and a standard 1/4" jack to plug in to a real amp and really get loud! Easy to assemble, fun to play! Tunes to "Don't Go Below Eleven" as Spinal Tap would say.


The SX-150 Analog Synthesizer Kit is easy to put together, requires no soldering, and is easy to hack. This kit features:

  • Controls for LFO, pitch envelope, frequency cutoff, resonance, and attack/decay
  • Slide controller (pen type electrode)
  • Output and external input 1/8" jacks, and more!