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GameDuino 2.0


GameDuino 2.0
GameDuino 2.0
GameDuino 2.0

GameDuino 2.0

This shield adds a bright 4.3 inch touchscreen, an embedded GPU, headphone jack, accelerometer, and microSD slot. Translation - The GameDuino 2.0 is all you need to create your own awesome game!

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Product #: MKEX01

The GameDuino 2.0 transforms your Arduino into the equivalent of a handheld modern gaming system. A huge upgrade from the first version, GameDuino 2.0 is a shield that adds a bright 4.3 inch touchscreen, an embedded GPU, headphone jack, accelerometer and microSD slot to your Arduino - or anything else with an SPI interface. Everything you need to create compelling games– right in your hand.

Sound output is via an amplified headphone jack. The system supports a selection of built-in samples and instruments, and can also play samples from video memory, at up to 48KHz. Create and play all in one place, what more could you ask for?

  • video output is 480x272 pixels in 24-bit color
  • OpenGL-style command set
  • Up to 2000 sprites, any size
  • 256 Kbytes of video RAM
  • smooth sprite rotate and zoom with bilinear filtering
  • smooth circle and line drawing in hardware - 16x antialiased
  • JPEG loading in hardware
  • built-in rendering of gradients, text, dials and buttons
  • GND pwr Signal ground
  • 5V pwr Main supply: 5-7V
  • 11 in SPI MOSI
  • 12 out SPI MISO
  • 13 in SPI SCK
  • 8 in GPU SEL
  • 9 in SD SEL
  • 2 out INTERRUPT
  • A0 out ACCEL_Z
  • A1 out ACCEL_Y
  • A0 out ACCEL_X
  • For power, the shield needs 5-7v at 200ma on the 5V input; it has on-board regulation.
    It is a 3.3v device, but the inputs go through a level-shifter so are also 5v tolerant. The range of the analog outputs is 0-3.3v.