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GPRS Shield


GPRS Shield
GPRS Shield
GPRS Shield
GPRS Shield

GPRS Shield

The GPRS Shield allows you to make phone calls or send text messages with your Arduino.

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Product #: MKSEEED20

Hook your Arduino up to GSM/GPRS cell phone network with GPRS shield! You can use your Arduino to dial a phone number or send a text to your friend via easy to use AT commands now.

This new version features a quad-band low power consumption GSM/GPRS module SIM900 as well as a compact PCB antenna. Meanwhile, improvements on interfaces and basic circuit have been taken to make it more concise and reliable.

Note: an unlocked SIM card (not included) is required for use.
Compatible with standard Arduino and Arduino Mega
Selectable interface between hardware serial port and software serial port
Quad band support: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Support TCP/UDP protocols
Full control via AT commands set: Standard - GSM 07.07 & 07.05 and Enhanced - SIMCOM AT Commands
2-in-1 headset jack
Convenient external SIM card holder
Low power consumption: 1.5mA(sleep mode)
The SIM card you use must be unlocked.
GPRS Shield doesn't come with ESD precautions. Take special care when handling it in dry weather.
The factory default setting for the GPRS Shield UART is 19200 bps 8-N-1. (Can be changed using AT commands).