Grove Modules - Mixer Pack


Grove Modules - Mixer Pack
Grove Modules - Mixer Pack
Grove Modules - Mixer Pack
Grove Modules - Mixer Pack
Grove Modules - Mixer Pack
Grove Modules - Mixer Pack

Grove Modules - Mixer Pack

Contains 20 modules including logic, sensor and actuator. Quickly make functioning prototypes with no soldering!


Product #: MKSEEED23

The Grove - Mixer Pack is a stand-alone electronics kit that consists of 20 snap-together colorful Grove modules (sensors, actuators, logic and power modules.) These Grove compatible modules are designed for quickly building functional prototypes. Tiny, colorful bricks that snap together in a Lego-like fashion, these are accessible and fun for young makers and those new to sensors and electronics. With this kit you can integrate circuits into your craft without necessarily using an Arduino or computer. 


A variety of projects can be made by connecting different input and output modules. A sound or light sensor can be used as input to trigger an output such as illuminating a LED or activating a small DC motor circuit. Logic gate modules can add more flexibility into the logic through which inputs will trigger outputs.


The Mixer pack is upgradable with additional components from the Grove family - add sensors and actuators as your needs become increasingly complex!


Every kit is shipped with a set of 10 demo cards. The front of each card briefly introduces one module. On the back is a demo project and its recipe to help starters to learn about the function of the module and get it rolling. Additionally a QR code of Mixer's wiki page will be embedded on the back of each card. Scan it for more information about the design!

  • Grove - DC Jack Power
  • Grove - USB Power
  • Grove - Coin Battery Power
  • Grove - AND
  • Grove - OR
  • Grove - NOT
  • Grove - SUB
  • Grove - Branch
  • Grove - Pulse
  • Grove - Amplifier
  • Grove - Light Sensor x 2
  • Grove - Slide Potentiometer
  • Grove - Button x 2
  • Grove - Sound Sensor
  • Grove - LED x 2
  • Grove - Vibration Motor
  • Grove - Buzzer