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GVS Shield


GVS Shield
GVS Shield

GVS Shield

Easily add sensors and servos to your Arduino with this shield. Assembling and soldering required.

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Product #: MKSB015

The SB-GVS shield lets you easily add sensors and servos to your Arduino using the ground / voltage / signal standard. It has 18 possible inputs and outputs along with Seeed Brick / Phiget compatibility to give your project all the connection it needs. Also includes a BlinkM style I2C port and power filtering / bypass capacitors. Comes unassembled. Soldering is required.
Ideal for servo & sensor accessories (Phidgets, Seeed Bricks) Full break-out for all 12 digital lines & 6 analog lines BlinkM-style I2C port Power filtering & bypass capacitors Pin13 LED indicator Reset line brought up from Arduino Optional lock-tab sockets available for secure wiring (standard on Phidgets devices, but is still compatible with included 0.1" spaced pin headers)
The SB-GVS shield lets you easily interface this sort of device to your Arduino's 12 digital and 6 analog I/O ports! And it also features a I2C port for peripheral networking (at the sacrifice of 2 analog I/O ports, which share the same pins). When looking at possible sensors, look for the interface required. If it says "Interfaces with analog port" or "Interfaces with digital I/O" or similar, you'll most likely be able to interface it to your GVS shield's analog or digital ports.
Note: Some sensors are may be 3.3V compatible only. You must assure they are 5V tolerant to work with this shield!

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