Hexbright Flex - Open Source Flashlight


Hexbright Flex - Open Source Flashlight
Hexbright Flex - Open Source Flashlight

Hexbright Flex - Open Source Flashlight

Programmable Open-Souce LED Flashlight - now that's a bright idea.

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Product #: DSHB1

Flashlights are no longer just for emergencies or backpacking -- flashlights are for hacking!

This powerful light comes preprogrammed with three settings: low (50 lumens), medium (175 lumens), or high (500 lumens!). However, the best thing about this firestick is the Arduino-compatible microcontroller embedded within it, allowing you to program the Hexbright. Maybe you want to program the flashlight to strobe when turned on, or automatically turn on when it detects a fall (for the klutzy and forgetful).

The Hexbright is rugged enough for outdoor use (regulated light output, CNC aircraft quality aluminum, and water resistant) while also smart for everyday duties (rechargeable lithium batteries and temperature sensor so it doesn't overheat).
This little guy will really light up your life!

  • USA Made CREE XM-L U2
  • Rugged All-Aluminum Construction
  • USB Rechargeable and Programmable
  • Regulated light output! Stays constant!
  • High Mode - 500 Lumens/1 Hour
  • Medium Mode - 175 Lumens/8 Hours
  • Low Mode - 50 Lumens/30 Hours
  • Arduino Compatible and Open Source!
  • Includes battery, cable and wall charger