Jungle Robot


Jungle Robot
Jungle Robot

Jungle Robot

The climbing, walking Jungle Robot teaches basic principles of robotic sensing and locomotion, requires only basic hand tools to assemble, and is voice commanded. A great beginner robot!


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Product #: MKOW09

Jungle Robot is an excellent Beginner Series robot. One day, you may look up and catch a glimpse of Jungle Robot crossing hand-over-hand high across a string extended from tree to tree in the mist of the jungle air. Another day, you can catch him skipping through the fallen leaves on the ground. A condenser microphone and printed circuit board controls your multi-function (walking or climbing) friend. When you think Jungle Robot is asleep, just cry Wake UP! Your robot will immediately start climbing or walking for a pre-set time and reset itself waiting for another command.

This battery controlled robot kit can teach the basic principles of robotic sensing and locomotion. It features a pre-assembled printed circuit board, hardware, and mechanical drive system that can be handled by almost anyone from age 10 and up. Only basic hand tools are required for assembly.


Educators, science museums, and hobbyist will surely appreciate the durability, educational value, and endless hours of amusement for children and adults too!

Note: Requires 2 x AA Batteries not included 

  • Dimensions: 6.5x3.1x9.4in
  • Solar Battery: 1.4-350mA 9max
  • DC Motor;
  • Rated Voltage 1.9V
  • Rated Ampere 1.45 mA
  • Rated Load: 4g.cm