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LED Art Kit


LED Art Kit
LED Art Kit
LED Art Kit
LED Art Kit

LED Art Kit

Create endlessly evolving patterns of abstract light art with this easy-to-assemble, framed art kit.

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Product #: MKKM2

With the LED Art Kits you can create your own LED light show with this easy-to-assemble, no-solder kit. The color-changing LEDs slowly cycle through combinations of red, green and blue light, which interact to create endlessly evolving patterns. The black, 5-by-4-inch mat board frame has a 3-by-2-inch window, and the assembled kit is designed to sit on a flat surface such as a shelf or desktop.

Perfect for setting the mood of any room, the LED Art Kit also makes a great nightlight. It uses 2 AA batteries (not included), and is viewable in a variety of light conditions, but in low light casts a glow on its surroundings. The downloadable instructions are easy to follow, with clear photos of each step, and include tips for making your piece of art unique. Assembly requires just a few simple tools, and the use of a glue gun is optional.

Also available in our No Soldering Required Bundle.

The kit includes: 4" x 3" plastic screen 5" x 4" matboard frame Battery case w/ wire leads 3 RGB color-changing LEDs 2 butt splices 2 glue dots

LED Art Kit Instructions available here.

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