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LED Micro-Readerboard Kit


LED Micro-Readerboard Kit
LED Micro-Readerboard Kit
LED Micro-Readerboard Kit

LED Micro-Readerboard Kit

Jump into the world of soldering with this fun micro-readerboard kit.

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Product #: MKEMS1

LED Micro-Readerboard Kit - This fun little open source soldering kit provides an introduction to the capabilities of microcontrollers.The readerboard spells out preprogrammed messages such as "MAKE" one letter at a time on its alphanumeric LED display.

15 phrases are included, and holiday messages can be optionally enabled as well -- for use as a holiday ornament.
The kit comes complete with easy, comic book-style instructions and a preprogrammed microcontroller. No programming is needed, but source code is available in case you want to hack it.
Full documentation is available here.

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