Lux Spectralis Blinky LED Kit - Beginner Soldering

Lux Spectralis Blinky LED Kit - Beginner Soldering

From a simple night light, to strobes and color washes, this deluxe RGB blinky has 30 different intense color modes.



The Lux Spectralis is a completely open source deluxe LED blinky that features more than 30 different high-intensity color modes using 3 high brightness LEDs. The modes range from a simple night light that shuts off after 5 minutes, to strobes, and color washes.

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Pressing the MODE switch goes from one mode to the next. Here is a list of the various modes:
1. Mode power on // power on behavior
2. Mode white 5 min nightlight
3. Mode white 30min
4. Mode white 25%
5. Mode white 50%
6. Mode white 100%
7. Mode red 25%
8. Mode red 100%
9. Mode green 25%
10. Mode green 100%
11. Mode blue 25%
12. Mode blue 100%
13. Mode yellow 25%
14. Mode yellow 100%
15. Mode aqua 25%
16. Mode aqua 100%
17. Mode violet 25%
18. Mode violet 100%
19. Mode wash 1 25%
20. Mode wash 1 100%
21. Mode wash 2 25%
22. Mode wash 2 100%
23. Mode wash 3 25%
24. Mode wash 3 100%
25. Mode wash 4 25%
26. Mode wash 4 100
27. Mode flash white
28. Mode flash red
29. Mode flash green
30. Mode flash blue
31. Mode flash red green
32. Mode flash red blue
33. Mode flash green blue
34. Mode blink white
35. Mode blink red
36. Mode blink green
37. Mode blink blue
38. Mode max // off

The first mode is a ~5 minute night light. It ramps up to full white and stays on for 2 or 3 minutes, then begins to fade over another 2-3 minutes. Then it shuts off automatically. Just enough time to get undressed and into bed.

Next is a 1 hour version. Half hour of full bright white, then a slower fade to black. Good for reading at night and falling asleep.

Then we have 1/4, 1/2, and full bright white, when all you want is a light on.

This is followed by dim (25%) and full: red, green, blue, yellow, aqua, and violet.

Next is the color wash. It randomly fades each of the three colors up and down. Each mode starts with a dim version then goes to a bright version. The first one is the fastest, then a slower one, then a really slow one, then a glacial one. These are meant for ambient mood lighting.

Next are the simple 'flash' modes: red, green, blue, red+green, red+blue, green+blue.

Theses are followed by the 'blink' modes, in white, red, green, and blue.

Lastly comes "executive mode standby" or "off". It's a super-low power mode for circumstances where the battery switch is not easily accessed.

Instructions (PDF) are here.

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