Made By Hand

Made By Hand

Read about one family's journey of living the DIY life and dream... or not.




Made by Hand is about the joy, frustration, satisfaction, and tribulation of a family trying to spend time on Do-It-Yourself projects. In this latest book from MAKE Editor-in-Chief Mark Frauenfelder, you'll learn about the family's attempts to raise chickens, keep bees, grow and preserve food and make musical instruments.

His whole family found that DIY helped them take control of their lives, offering a path that was simple, direct, and clear. Working with their hands and minds helped them feel more engaged with the world around them. Frauenfelder also reveals how DIY is changing our culture for the better. He profiles fascinating "alpha makers" leading various DIY movements and grills them for their best tips and insights.
"This is a must-read book. Mark has lovingly and candidly documented the complex, myriad, intangible and often very tangible rewards of grabbing the world with both of your hands, and learning how it works."
- Adam Savage, Mythbusters
"Made By Hand is a wonderfully inspiring read and makes turning to a make-centric way of life feel not only approachable, but utopian."
- Jaymi Heimbuch, Treehugger
"Frauenfelder has been at the center of the emerging maker movement, chronicling its rise as an economic force. Here, he describes a parallel evolution: his own embrace of making, as he applies the lessons he's been learning to his own life. It's as inspiring as it is entertaining. You'll never look at your lawn the same again!"
- Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief, Wired

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