Make: Electronics Components Pack 1

Make: Electronics Components Pack 1

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Combine our popular book Make: Electronics with this tool kit to start the road to electronics experiment heaven




The first companion pack to our popular Make: Electronics book. It includes all components necessary to complete the experiments from the first two sections of the book (experiments 1-11.) We've spent countless hours sourcing these components — more than 250 pieces — so you don't have to waste time gathering parts and can get right to building circuits. All parts are spec'd directly from the book and author Charles Platt to ensure compatibility. Most of the parts included are reused throughout the book and can be re-purposed for use in future projects. See below for the long list of contents.

Make sure to add the Make: Electronics book (listed on this page as an accessory) with the components pack to save $24.99.

Don't have all the tools for the job? Make sure to pick up our companion toolkit. And if you're ready for experiments 12+, don't forget Make: Electronics Components Pack 2.

About Make: Electronics

Start working on some excellent projects as soon as you crack open this unique, hands-on book. Build the circuits first, then learn the theory behind them. With Make: Electronics, you'll learn all of the basic components and important principles through a series of "learn by discovery" experiments. And you don't need to know a thing about electricity to get started.

Get step-by-step instructions on building working devices that demonstrate fundamentals such as voltage, amperage, resistance, inductance, and capacitance. Then tackle more complex electronics concepts, including analog/digital conversion, logic gates, and integrated circuits. Along the way, you'll learn valuable tips and techniques, always with clear explanations of what you're doing and why.

You can download a PDF sample of the book here.

1 9V Alkaline Battery 1 9V Battery Snap 6 AA 1.5V Battery -6pk 1 AA Battery Holder -Single 1 AA Battery Holder -Two 1 AA Battery Holder -Four 1 AC Adapter -Multi DC Output: 3V to 12V @500mA 5 Alligator Clips -Black 5 Alligator Clips -Red 4 Bipolar NPN Transistor -2N2222 4 Capacitors -Ceramic .0047uF (4700pF) 4 Capacitors -Ceramic .047uF 2 Capacitors -Electrolytic 2.2uF 2 Capacitors -Electrolytic 22uF 2 Capacitors -Electrolytic 1,000uF 1 Deluxe Component Case 1 Deluxe Screw Terminal Breadboard w/70pc Jumper Wire Kit 2 DPDT Non-Latching Relay -12VDC 2 DPDT Toggle Switches (Replaces SPDT in book) 1 Hookup Wire -22 Gauge Solid, 25ft Black 1 Hookup Wire -22 Gauge Solid, 25ft Red 1 Hookup Wire -22 Gauge Solid, 25ft Yellow 5 LED -Green 3mm 5 LED -Green 5mm 5 LED -Red 3mm 5 LED -Red 5mm 1 Loudspeaker -8ohm 1 Potentiometer -1M Linear 2 Potentiometer -2K Linear 4 Programmable Unijunction Transistor -2n6027 1 Pushbutton -SPST OFF-(ON) 10 Resistors 1K 10 Resistors 2K 10 Resistors 4.7K 10 Resistors 10K 10 Resistors 15K 10 Resistors 27K 10 Resistors 33K 10 Resistors 51K 10 Resistors 100K 10 Resistors 330K 10 Resistors 470K 10 Resistors 100-ohm 10 Resistors 180-ohm 10 Resistors 220-ohm 10 Resistors 330-ohm 10 Resistors 470-ohm 10 Resistors 680-ohm

Sorry, you'll have to source your own Lemon for the Lemon Battery :) Note: Parts subject to change and pictures/video may not be a current representation of the contents.

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