Make: Electronics - the Complete Collection

Make: Electronics - the Complete Collection

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If you've been wanting to delve deeper in the world of electronics, this collection will get you up and running!

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Make: Electronics — the Complete Collection, is perfect if you've been wanting to delve deeper in the world of electronics. It will lead you away from the land of novice and into the realm of electronics expertise. The Collection includes: Make: Electronics book, Make: Electronics Components Pack 1, and Make: Electronics Components Pack 2.


  • • The Make: Electronics book is a unique and colorful guide that uses "“learning by discovery"” to teach basic electronics. You build and experience the circuit first, then you learn the theories behind it. You'll "burn things out, mess things up — that's how you learn," as the cover promises. This clearly written, lavishly illustrated book (over 500 full-color photographs and illustrations) carefully walks you through 36 experiments. Forget overly technical books and websites — this is the definitive book for learning electronics.

  • • The Make: Electronics Components Packs 1 & 2 provide you with the parts needed to complete the majority of the assignments in Make: Electronics. Component Pack 1 covers experiments 1 - 11, and Component Pack 2 covers 12 - 24. Every part is spec'd directly from the book and author Charles Platt to ensure compatibility. Once you start reading Make: Electronics, you'll quickly realize that you want these parts in-hand, in order to do the book's experiments and "learn by doing." With this Complete Collection, for the price of the two Parts Packs, you're essentially getting the book (normally $35) for free! Don't have all the tools for the job? Make sure to pick up our companion toolkit!
  • Make Electronics Book, a $34.99 value
  • Make Electronics Components Pack 1, a $109.99 value
  • Make Electronics Components Pack 2, a $129.99 value
  • Bonus Make Electronics Book (PDF), a $27.99 value
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