Make: Tool Guide (PDF)

Make: Tool Guide (PDF)

Step-by-step photo instructions and reviews of more than 200 tools for the modern maker.


Product #: RSTOOLSIP-E

Make: Tool Guide (PDF). Whether you need a gift for the do-it-yourselfer who loves technology, or you want to rev up your own workshop, this guide shows you how. Learn the top tools and tricks for today's DIY "maker" workshop ヨ beyond traditional woodworking to metalworking, electronics, robotics, computerized milling, 3D printing, and more.

Packed with step-by-step photo instructions and reviews of more than 200 tools for the modern maker.
Coverage includes:
  • How to build a MakerBot 3D printer to print your own plastic parts and prototypes
  • An exclusive visit to MythBusters' Adam Savage's new personal workshop
  • What you need to get started in hobby electronics
  • How to make heirloom-quality モworkhorsesヤ with mortise-and-tenon woodworking
  • How to solder and desolder
  • Organize a モhackerspaceヤ with other makers and stock it with high-tech tools
  • The Maker's Ultimate Tools and Buying Guide to help you build nearly anything, by inventor Saul Griffith, a MacArthur Fellowship winner
  • How to build your own strong workbenches and storage
  • Amazing workshops, from Mister Jalopy's garage to Nathan Myrhvold's lab
  • A hide-away workbench for small spaces
  • The Barrage Garage: an all-purpose workshop, built from the ground up and stocked with basic tools and materials
  • Computerize your cutting: make your own CNC router for less than $800
  • Reviews of more than 200 tools including:
  • Gadgets and Multitools
  • CNC and 3D Fabrication
  • Electronics and Robotics
  • Workspaces
  • Metalworking and Machining
  • Woodworking and Construction
  • Plus you'll get the Maker's Bill of Rights, the Rocketman's Garage, and more, in MAKE's Ultimate Workshop and Tool Guide.