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MAKE Year 5: Collector's Box Set

MAKE Year 5: Collector's Box Set

MAKE year five, Volumes 17-20, are combined in a Special Edition Boxed Collector's Set.

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Product #: 9781449379674

Four volumes of MAKE Year Five are combined in a Special Edition Boxed Collector's Set.
Includes Make Volumes 17 - 20. Features another great quote on the back from the Mythbuster's Adam Savage and one of our all-time favorites from a subscriber!


MAKE: The Fifth Year Collector's Box Set includes:

Volume 17 (PDF)
» Lost Knowledge
Make like it's 1899, with the wondrous Wimshurst spark generator, Florence Siphon coffee brewer, and teacup Stirling engine. Plus, how-tos on classic balsa glider, optical bass, stealth microphone, and more.
Volume 18 (PDF)
» ReMake America
Reboot your homestead with an automated garden controller, Tweet-A-Watt energy monitor, solar hot water, micro irrigation, off-grid laundry, LED lighting, and more. Plus: 1-ton servo, micro forge,
32 projects in all.
Volume 19 (PDF)
» Robots
Make your own autopilot drone plane, build a sonar-guided Makey robot, and learn to use servomotors. Plus: bicycle speed vest, plywood chair, mini fume extractor, surfboard, solar jewelry, and more.
Volume 20 (PDF)
» For Kids of All Ages
Mythbuster Adam Savage kicks off 23 fun projects: hydrogen-oxygen rocket, sleek model sailboat, lunchbox laser show, 10-rocket launcher, marble computer, snow splitboard, many more.