MAKE Year 6: eBook Set (PDF)

MAKE Year 6: eBook Set (PDF)

This collection includes volumes 21-24 of MAKE, each available as an individual PDF download.


Product #: EMKY06

Just like our very popular MAKE box sets, we have created eBook sets of MAKE Magazine. These downloadable collections include (4) volumes of MAKE, each available as an individual PDF download.

MAKE: Year 6 eBook Set includes:
Volume 21 (PDF)
» Desktop Manufacturing
DIY fabrication is here, with inexpensive 3D printers and CNC mills. Plus: drill-powered mini bike, traditional cigar box guitar, snow making machine, and more.
Volume 22 (PDF)
» Remote Control / Wireless
Automate your lawn mower, chicken coop, Nikon camera — just about anything — using radio control, motion sensing, smartphones, and the web.
Volume 23 (PDF)
» Gadgets
Make machines that do delightful and surprising things! From a mini electronic Whack-a-Mole arcade game, to a tiny but mighty audio amp, a self-balancing Gyrocar, and the Most Useless Machine (as seen on The Colbert Report!), and lots more!
Volume 24 (PDF)
» Space
DIY satellites! Radio telescopy! Sub-orbital rocketry! Renegade NASA hackers! Bouncing signals off the moon! Plus, other DIY projects to keep you busy while your computer searches for ET.