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MakerBot Replicator Mini 3D Printer


MakerBot Replicator Mini 3D Printer
MakerBot Replicator Mini 3D Printer
MakerBot Replicator Mini 3D Printer

MakerBot Replicator Mini 3D Printer

Ships from manufacturer in 2-3 business days.

MakerBot Mini is a compact dynamo that gives you high quality prints and reliability.


Product #: DSMB06

The Replicator Mini is designed for education, bringing kids closer to the technology of the future. Though the printer is small (build volume of 76 cubic inches), it promises huge spurs of creativity and learning. Includes a spool of Natural PLA filament to feed the single extruder on this amazing machine.


Easy and affordable 3D printing

  • Reliable, durable, and easy-to-use
  • Get fast and easy One Touch™ 3D Printing
  • Transform a small desk in your home or classroom into an exciting creativity center
  • Join the large, supportive MakerBot Thingiverse® 3D design community
  • Print, manage, and share your 3D creations simply and seamlessly, with free MakerBot software for your PC or Mac
  • Experiment with a wide range of forms, colors, and textures

Entertaining, Educational, and Useful

Reconnect with your imagination and creative power
Teach children how to think, imagine, create, craft and print in 3D
Energize and inspire children’s creativity, while preparing them for the jobs of the future
Create occasions for children to bond with parents, siblings, classmates, and teachers
Choose from hundreds of thousands of free, predesigned, and ready-to-print educational, entertaining, and useful 3D models on Thingiverse
Make household utensils and replacement parts
Spur social creativity at parties, events, and brainstorming sessions

For classrooms or your desktop at home, the MakerBot Replicator Mini is the affordable, high quality 3D printer that fits just about everywhere. True to its name, the Replicator Mini sports many of the qualities of the MakerBot Replicator like the Smart Extruder (that pauses your print and alerts you when you've run out of filament) and on board camera (for when you want to check up on your print remotely).
Print Technology
  • Fused Deposition Modeling

  • Build Volume
  • 10.0 L x 10.0 W x 12.5 H cm
  • [3.9 L x 3.9 W x 4.9 H in]
  • 1,250 Cubic Centimeters

  • Layer Resolution
  • 200 microns

  • Filament Diameter
  • 1.75 mm [0.069 in]

  • Filament Compatibility
  • MakerBot PLA Filament

  • Nozzle Diameter
  • 0.4 MM [0.015 IN]

  • Print File Type
  • .makerbot

  • Ambient Operating Temperature
  • 15-32°C [60-90°F]

  • Storage Temperature
  • 0-38°C [32-100°F]

  • Product Dimensions
  • 29.5 W x 31.0 D x 38.1 H cm
  • [11.6 W x 12.2 D x 15.0 H in]